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If you are an experienced interactive gaming enthusiast, you likely know that a lot has changed since the inception of the online gambling sphere in the mid-1990s. Over the years, the number of platforms has continuously risen, as have the innovations in this sector. Today, virtual casinos look and function a lot differently than they did just a few years ago.

The top industry operators know that convenience is essential when it comes to playing games of chance over the internet, which is why they are incessant about making the gaming experience as simple as possible. Trustly casinos are their latest creations that aim to do just that. These are platforms that allow real money action without account creation. At a Trustly casino, all you have to do is make a deposit to play. That is all. There is no KYC or email verification before withdrawals either. Trustly casinos allow you instant access to a rich library of casino-style games with only a single deposit, and they make the removal of funds from your Trustly casino account a breeze as well.

These sites also get called Pay N Play casinos due to their use of Trustly’s proprietary instant-play system. Thus, we will use these two terms, Trustly casinos and Pay N Play casinos, interchangeably throughout our guide below. In it, we will detail all the information required about playing at casinos that use Trustly and why they are a gaming option that makes perfect sense for you.

Best Trustly Casinos

A few years back, the American Gaming Association came out with a report which stated that there are close to 3,000 gambling platforms on the internet. Now, several years after that research got published, that number is far more substantial. However, the figure of casinos that use Trustly is sadly less than impressive, as Trustly remains a relatively niche payment method. That said, there are a couple of hundred Trustly casinos out there. So, it can get hard to pick out the credible Pay N Play sites from the dozens of impostors posing as casinos with Trustly’s Pay N Play system incorporated in them.

We only list verified, reputable Pay N Play casinos. If this sub-category of gambling platforms interests you, we suggest sticking to the list of Trustly Pay N Play platforms provided below. We have analyzed each Trustly casino on our list to ensure that they are all safe and that they do not welch on bets made.


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Why Are Trustly Casinos Becoming a Hot Trend?

There is no doubt that people hate filling out forms. If you are not fond of this practice either, know that you are not alone. Sign-up forms are time-consuming, invasive, and often, multiple fields ask for previously supplied information, which is super-annoying.

As much as 77% of online shoppers abandon payment forms after they start to fill them. Trustly’s Pay N Play website suggests that as much as 24% of internet gamblers quit during registration, and less than a third make a deposit the same day that they complete sign-up. Thus, Trustly casinos seem more of a necessity than anything, as most people find form filling a tedious process, particularly when it gets in the way of entertainment-based activities, such as playing casino-style games online.

Trustly Pay and Play casinos significantly simplify the online gambling process, and it is the ease of use that they provide why they are slowly growing to become the preferred option for most players. Expect casinos that use Trustly to become the norm soon, rather than the exception that they are now.

A Trustly casino for players from your location may be hard to find today, but these Pay N Play platforms should shortly become widespread.

What Is Trustly?

Trustly is a Swedish fintech company that is the inventor of Pay N Play. Officially known as the Trustly Group, this is a Stockholm-based company founded in 2008 as Glue Finance. Its main product is an open banking transaction method that lets its users transfer money over the internet without software or a physical card. Trustly’s network currently supports over 6,000 financial institutions in multiple countries, reaching over 500 million customers.

The Trustly Group provides its services to over 8,000 merchants, including mega ones such as Alibaba, PayPal, eBay, Dell, Lyft, GoFundMe, TransferWise, and Facebook. Its open transaction method was a payment option initially only available in Europe, but recently, it has branched off into Australia, the US, and Canada, extending its global reach.

This company is now gaining massive notoriety as the brand behind the Pay N Play system and instant-play sites that many call Trustly casinos. In all honesty, that is pretty much their official name among gamblers now – Trustly casinos. This company’s no sign-up and verification payment system is revolutionizing the online gambling sector, bringing a previously inconceivable level of convenience to players like you. Their first office outside of Sweden was in Malta, a popular gambling hot spot known for its lax regulation of internet betting. A fun bit of trivia is that the first Trustly casino was an operator licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority in 2015 when this company came out with Pay N Play.

Services Similar to Trustly

Even though, when it comes to no registration platforms, Trustly casinos reign supreme, other payment providers also facilitate online gambling fun through the electronic identifier BankID. We will explain BankID in detail in the following sub-heading and its relation to casinos that use Trustly.

The hinted upon methods that allow instant-play action similar to that found at Trustly casinos are:

  • Brite – Brite is another Stockholm-based brand founded in 2019 by ex-employees of Trustly, Klarna, Tink, Qliro, and Sofort. It refers to itself as a second-generation fintech challenger that aims to bring a more modern, accessible, and affordable payment solution to all. Almost instantly following the launch of this service, it decided to spread its tentacles into the interactive gaming sphere. It currently mainly targets the Scandinavian market and accepts only NOK, SEK, and EUR.
  • Entercash – Entercash caters to a pan-European merchant client base. It boasts a user base of over 100 million and is a far fiercer competitor to casinos with Trustly than Brite. Entercash has its headquarters in Malta, and it has been active since 2011.

There is no doubt that these two companies are rising through the ranks year after year. However, it is doubtful that they can soon be responsible for gaming platforms that rely entirely on them as their sole payment method, like any pure Pay N Play casino that depends only on Trustly. Thus, they are still a long way from challenging Trustly and casinos that use Trustly in the online gambling sector in any way. Trustly processes an annual transaction volume of £16 billion.

What Is a BankID?

BankID is the secret sauce behind every Trustly casino. It is what makes Pay N Play a reality. In essence, BankID is a software solution, an electronic identifier that helps government agencies, banks, and companies authenticate monetary agreements with individuals via the internet. Stockholm-based Finansiell ID-Teknik BID AB is the one responsible for this digital identification program. BankID has a 94% usage rate among Swedish smartphone users. Think of it as the equivalent of a physical document that verifies your identity, for example, your passport, ID card, or driver’s license.

BankID and Trustly work hand in hand to enable instant-play with no registration. Finansiell ID-Teknik BID AB reports that over 8 million people use this identifier and more than 600 web services support it. Annually, around 8.5 billion BankID transactions get made. BankID use at Trustly casinos is growing tremendously, massively contributing to the figure mentioned.

What is Pay N Play?

Pay N Play is Trustly’s pioneering concept that creates a frictionless gaming experience for users while allowing gambling operators to attain sizeable retention rates and higher conversions. It does this by simplifying the log-in/registration process, giving birth to Pay N Play casinos.  As discussed above, online gambling has several conversion killers, sign-up forms, and KYC procedures being one of its most prominent villains. Pay N Play eliminates these by allowing Trustly casinos to instantly collect the required KYC data from your bank when you deposit at a verified Trustly casino/Pay N Play casino.

No registration and Pay N Play mean better UX, simple reactivation of dormant players, and instant payouts. These are all reasons why Trustly Pay and Play platforms have been surging in the past few years and have not seen any noticeable declines in their upward trajectories. Trustly claims that it has data that proves that the implementation of Pay N Play significantly improves operators’ numbers. In Sweden, particularly, players are moving away from traditional gaming sites to casinos that use Trustly. The main reason listed is that these platforms offer a better user experience.

When an operator implements the Pay N Play functionality into its gaming platform, it also incorporates Trustly’s Lean KYC product. We mentioned KYC (Know Your Customer procedure) a few times above. It is a mandatory anti-money-laundering measure that all gambling operators must follow. It prevents fraud, and it involves you supplying documentation that confirms your identity. Trustly Pay and Play casinos, through the Lean KYC product, allows such a data transfer to happen between your bank and chosen operator automatically via an API notification or a PDF download. That means that if you choose to play at a Trustly casino, you will not have to provide documentation that verifies your identity. Thanks to Pay N Play’s Lean KYC product, when you place funds in your Trustly casino balance, that happens immediately. Thus, a Trustly casino saves you time not only on filling out forms but waiting to get your identity verified before you can play or make a withdrawal.

Pay N Play is currently available in a few European countries, including Sweden, Finland, and Germany. Denmark is Trustly’s next targeted destination, with the company expecting to expand this system into the Netherlands and the UK next. Thus, it should not be long before we see a Trustly casino in the UK. Trustly casino UK – is already a popular gambling-related search term in Britain, so the demand is there. Know that the UK already has a few platforms that offer Trustly as a payment method, just no Pay N Play gaming sites.

Pure & Hybrid Pay N Play Casinos Explained

Two types of Trustly casinos exist, pure and hybrid. We explain these two categories below:

Pure Pay N Play Casino

A pure Trustly casino is one where Trustly is the only payment method available. Operators that run such platforms either create a new one, branding it as a Trustly casino, or morph a preexisting site into a pure Pay N Play casino. They do so by removing all other transaction options from that site’s cashier tab.

The benefits of a pure Trustly Casino are that you are far more likely to keep funds in your Trustly casino account if you know that you can withdraw them instantly, at any time. Also, at a pure Trustly casino, you can resume-play with what funds you have left in your Trustly casino account if you return to your chosen platform after exiting it without spending all of your balance.

Hybrid Pay N Play Casino

A hybrid Trustly casino is one where Trustly exists with other payment options at a gambling site. Instant payouts are only possible if you have deposited previously through Trustly. The Hybrid method is very effective in the reactivation of dormant Trustly players, for whom the operator can run Pay N Play exclusive marketing campaigns. Resume-play is not an option at a hybrid Trustly casino. Every time you re-enter such a site, you will have to deposit funds to play without registration.

While hybrid casinos offer diversity in terms of payment methods on offer, they lack the efficiency of a pure Trustly casino. In some markets, they are the more established options, as they try to offer the best of both worlds. Also, sometimes operators will brand a hybrid Trustly casino as a Pay N Play one, which it is. However, the term Pay N Play casino mainly refers to those that implement the pure model, as only at those sites can you enjoy the full benefits of the Pay N Play system.

Technical Description of Pay N Play’s End-User Flow

Below, we describe what happens when you visit a Trustly casino and decide to test the Pay N Play system by making real money bets without registration.

  1. You sign in with your chosen Trustly casino by clicking the Play Now/Deposit button on its home page. That action will open a new window containing the Trustly payment interface. You must follow the instructions laid out in this iframe and log into your online bank account. The steps here will involve picking your bank from a drop-down menu and inputting your BankID. After you complete that, you will have to choose the desired amount you wish to deposit in your Trustly casino balance and confirm that you want to go through with your transaction.
  2. Once you finish with the instructions explained above, your selected Trustly casino will receive a KYC notification from your bank. It will perform an instant system check to see if you are blacklisted. If your Trustly casino responds with the notification – continue, you can proceed with your transaction. If it refuses your money transfer, it will reply with – finish. When it does so, no credit gets taken from your online bank account. Your casino using Trustly will then automatically redirect you to a new URL.
  3. The moment your money transfer gets confirmed, your Pay N Play casino will create an account for you via an adjusted simplified flow. Know that despite your Pay N play casino and bank exchanging the necessary KYC documentation between themselves, there is still a chance that you may get asked to provide additional data. That may include your phone number. A credit notification will always get sent after the KYC one, and an account notification will follow.
  4. If you followed through with everything mentioned in this short Pay N Play guide, you should be all set to play the games on offer at your chosen Trustly casino.
  5. Your Trustly casino can pay you via the account payout option to the account ID attained in step three. You do not have to log in to receive your winning sum, as a payout can happen without user interaction. You may get a notification regarding your transferred prize via email or SMS. Remember, your Trustly casino will not erase your account ID. It has no expiration date.
  6. If you exit a Pay N Play casino, you can return at a later date, re-inputting your banking credentials and continuing to play with your balance intact without making a new deposit. When you do this, your Trustly casino goes through the same deposit procedure. However, it adds a new parameter – RequestKYCBeforeDeposit:1, and responds with – finish, so it does not take any credit from your bank account after it attains the necessary KYC info from it.

If you want to test out what it is like to deposit funds at Trustly casinos, you can check out the demos listed here:

  • For the mobile Trustly casino deposit demo, press here.
  • For the desktop Trustly casino deposit demo, press here.

Withdrawals at a Trustly Casino Explained in Simple Steps

At a pure Trustly Pay and Play casino, withdrawals immediately get issued back to your bank account with no additional information required.

At a hybrid Pay N Play casino, the process is different. Before proceeding to make a withdrawal at a hybrid platform, make sure that you have fully met the bonus conditions of any claimed promotional deals. You do not want to try to remove funds from your Trustly casino account and face unpleasantries and disappointment during this process. Always be 100% certain that you can remove all the money in your Trustly Pay N Play balance before attempting to do so.

If you have met all the bonus terms or have not claimed any promo, to make a withdrawal at a hybrid Trustly casino, you will have to do the following:

  1. Locate the My Account section on your Pay N Play website. It is usually accessible in the top right corner.
  2. From the My Account drop-down menu or page, choose the withdrawals/banking/cashier option.
  3. Choose Trustly as your withdrawal transaction method.
  4. Select your country and bank from the lists of offered ones.
  5. Input your BankID to connect your Trustly casino to your online bank account.
  6. Enter the sum that you wish to withdraw from your Trustly casino. Remember that each platform will feature its minimum withdrawal limits.
  7. Confirm your transfer.

The procedure described above may slightly differ from one hybrid Pay N Play casino to another. However, in most cases, all you will have to do is follow the steps laid out above to receive your winnings.

Though Trustly does not charge transaction commissions, that does not mean that all deposits/ withdrawals will be fee-free for all players at Pay N Play casinos. Your bank may incur small transfer charges per its policy. These will likely be negligible sums. Yet, you should still check what they are before making any transactions at Trustly casinos. You do not want to get caught off guard and receive less money than expected upon a withdrawal.

According to the Trustly website, all withdrawals at Trustly casinos should happen instantly. Nevertheless, in some cases, this procedure may take up to two banking days to complete. The speed of this process depends entirely on the relationship and inner workings of your Trustly casino and bank. Trustly does not and cannot affect these processing times. The service only funnels funds, acting as an intermediary between your Trustly casino and your online bank account. Scheduled bank maintenance is the most likely culprit for bounced transactions at Pay N Play casinos. Nonetheless, restrictions placed on your bank account may also play a factor.

Bonuses at Trustly Casinos

Enticing promotional offers are the bread and butter of online casino marketing. Polls show that generous promos play a massive role in players picking one site over its competition. Therefore, casinos with Trustly are no strangers to bonuses. They feature deals that are competitive when compared to those provided by many top-end gambling platforms.

If you are considering a Trustly casino that has caught your eye, know that the most likely deals that you will come across at such a site are:

  • A Welcome Bonus – Most Pay N Play sites will provide a welcome package when you first give your chosen operator money to fund your gaming journey. Such packages will most often consist of a deposit match of a pre-defined percentage up to a specific amount. For example, a deposit match of 100% up to £100 at a Trustly casino means that if you deposit £100, you will get another £100 in free-play funds. Naturally, that will only happen once you complete that offer’s conditions within a set deadline.
  • Reload Bonuses – A reload bonus at casinos that use Trustly is also a deposit match promo up to a specific amount. It is different from a welcome offer because it is usually an ongoing promotion tied to a day of the week or a special event. For example, if you make a Friday deposit, you will get a match of 50% up to £50. So, you will have to deposit £100 on a Friday to get £50 in bonus funds. The offer’s name – reload, derives from the fact that you can replenish your Trustly casino balance with bonus funds using a percentage match even after the first time you funded it.
  • Free spins – Free spins are what you think they are, complimentary reel-rotations that your Pay N Play casino gives out as an award for an action you complete. These spins can be part of a welcome/reload bonus. Though, they can also be a standalone offer. For instance, if you deposit £50 on a Sunday, you will get 100 complimentary reel-rotations on a high variance game. Pay N Play casinos love to give out such spins on high variance titles because such games payout rarely. That said, when they do decide to cough up a reward, it will be a sizeable one. That is what the term high variance signifies, infrequent but massive payouts.

Unfortunately, Trustly Pay and Play casinos do not have any offers exclusive to this category of gambling sites. The promos explained above are ones that you will likely stumble upon on regular online casinos without Trustly. There is nothing unique about the Pay N Play system that can conjure up quirky or distinctive promos. If anything, it somewhat hinders those operating these platforms from exploring their creative side, as they face self-imposed limitations due to their use of Trustly as their sole payment method.

What You Should Consider Before Claiming a Trustly Casino Bonus

Every Pay N Play casino will impose its specific general conditions regarding the bonuses that that platform offers. Each one of its deals will also feature well-defined individual terms. The five most essential such requirements to pay attention to at Pay N Play casinos are:

  • Minimum Deposit – That is the lowest amount needed to activate a bonus at a Trustly casino.
  • Deadline – The timeframe in which you must complete a specific offer’s terms before claiming its advertised prize.
  • Max Bet – That is the maximum wager that you can place using free-play funds. Trustly casinos implement this requirement to limit you from winning massive sums using money that you did not deposit.
  • Wagering Requirement/Rollover – That is the multiplier that tells you how many times you have to play through your deposited funds before you can withdraw any winnings at casinos that use Trustly.
  • Game Contribution – Not all games contribute equally to fulfilling a bonus’ rollover. The general conditions page at your Trustly casino should provide a detailed breakdown of all the games’ percentage contributions.

Safety Measures at Trustly Pay N Play Casinos

When most people hear marketing slogans like instant casinos or casinos with Trustly – pay without registration, they immediately think that such platforms incorporate a workaround that makes them less safe. That is not accurate at all. Pay N Play casinos are as safe as the top big-brand gambling sites that currently dominate this market. They do not circumvent any security measures, and player safety is of paramount importance at any Trustly casino on the internet, as it is with all other gaming platforms. That is so because a security scandal will likely bring about the collapse of any online casino.

All that said, the hinted features at Pay N Play casinos that protect your personal information, help you maintain your financial well-being, and ensure that lady luck indeed has the final say concerning game outcomes are:

  • SSL Encryption – All Trustly casinos have advanced SSL encryption. That is ciphering technology that wraps the data you transmit with your Pay N Play casino in an unhackable digital cover. Most Trustly casinos use 128-bit SSL encryption, which is perfectly adequate. Yet, some choose to provide further reassurance by incorporating the 256-bit variety. Both types will do the trick. You can check if the Trustly casino you are playing at has proper encryption by looking for the lock icon in its address bar. If you right-click it and choose – certificate, you can see the specific type of key that that Trustly casino utilizes in the details tab.
  • PSD2 API – PSD2 specifies that you have the right to use a third-party provider, in this case, Trustly, with your bank’s online services. Due to this provision, your bank has to provide open APIs or Application Programming Interfaces and allow software at one company to access payment account information and money transfer initiation from another. Without this element, there would be no Pay N Play casinos.
  • KYC – We already explained briefly what KYC, or Know Your Customer policies are. They are an anti-money-laundering measure that aims to nullify the risks of financial fraud by demanding that customers supply information that proves that they are who they claim to be. Today, stringent KYC requirements are a mandatory and crucial procedure for financial and many non-financial institutions. Given that Trustly casinos handle massive daily money transfers, they do not get a pass and must incorporate these policies. They are a mainstay at all Pay N Play casinos.
  • Game Fairness – All licensed casinos with Trustly must get audited by independent game testers that verify the validity of the random number generators that these sites use. Reputable agencies that perform such audits are iTech Labs, TST, and eCogra. Their job is to perform random tests that ensure the total randomness of the algorithms responsible for producing game results. You can look at your Trustly casino’s website footer to see what agencies review its offered products. You should be able to find an agency’s logo there. Alternatively, you can search for an agency mention in the terms and conditions page of the Pay N Play casino you are considering.
  • Secured Transactions – Trustly is a payment mediator. Unlike e-wallets, it does not hold any of your funds. It only transfers them from your bank account to casinos that use Trustly. Nevertheless, it still guards all transactions with a chain of unbreakable protocols that no third party can penetrate. Using this system is as safe as making debit/credit card transactions online.
  • Responsible Gambling Features – Problem gambling is an issue for a small portion of the population that can cause massive damage to their emotional and financial well-being. Trustly casinos know this, and they try to help users keep online gambling strictly an entertainment-based activity. They do so by allowing you to set deposit/loss limits and self-exclude. Remember, always budget your sessions wisely and never bet more than you can afford to lose. All casinos with Trustly also feature links to organizations that can provide aid to those trying to combat their gambling addiction.

Drawbacks of Playing at Trustly Casinos

Nothing is perfect, and no one ever claimed that Pay N Play casinos are the ideal gaming homes. As with everything else in life, they have their disadvantages that may keep you from using their service. These are:

  • Country Restrictions – Trustly, as a payment method, is expanding its global reach every year. However, only players from selected European countries can use its Pay N Play system. That means that not all casinos with Trustly on the internet are Trustly Pay and Play sites or pure Trustly casinos. For example, there are no Trustly casinos in the UK yet, even though the term – Trustly casino UK has an impressive search volume. Only those residing in Sweden, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Estonia, and a few other countries can enjoy Pay N Play casinos. Trustly hopes to make its instant casino system available in other territories relatively soon.
  • A Limited Supply of Trustly Casinos – Due to the reasons mentioned in the bulleted point above, Trustly casinos have yet to become a mainstream gaming attraction. Yes, they offer unparalleled convenience but remain largely a niche option, available to players in a few territories. Those Trustly casinos that do exist have notched impressive progress within a tight timeframe. Though, they still have room for improvement before anyone dares say that they are above some of the top-end brands in overall quality. Though they can currently compete in most areas, except for popularity.
  • Fewer Bonuses – A pure Pay N Play casino benefits from having Trustly as its sole payment method, but it also suffers because of it. Regular sites, due to their payment variety, have the opportunity to offer more varied promotions. For example, online casinos that accept Bitcoin often have welcome promos that cater to fiat and digital currency users. If you are a fan of both types of money, you can select the deal that offers the better benefits. At Trustly casinos, you do not get offered such a luxury.

Watch Out For Pay N Play Casino Scams

Currently, Pay N Play is a super-popular term in the gambling industry. Thus, players from every corner of the globe are searching for the most exceptional casinos with Trustly that they can find. Unscrupulous individuals try to take advantage of this by marketing fast registration platforms as casinos that use Trustly or pure Pay N Play casinos. Some even go so far as to put up the Trustly logo on their website, even though they do not feature this payment method.

It is wise to use only Trustly Pay and Play platforms listed on info hubs such as our website. Every Trustly casino featured here is a trustworthy one, vetted by our industry experts. They provide all the advantages of the Pay N Play system mentioned in this article. Never try to deposit money at a Trustly casino for which you have received a link in a closed Facebook or Telegram group. It is safest to stick to Pay N Play casinos that have attained a seal of approval from industry veterans.

Should You Play at a Trustly Casino?

If you are a person that likes simplicity, Trustly casinos make perfect sense. Why go through the hassles involved in registration, KYC procedures, and memorizing account information, when there is no need to do any of these things?

Pay N Play casinos are massive time savers, allowing instant play with high-speed withdrawals. If you opt to use these platforms, you can say goodbye to slow payments and unprincipled sites that fail to honor their promises. Casinos that use Trustly not only payout in seconds, but they never try to stiff you by looking for ways not to give you your earned winnings.

Trustly casinos feature pretty much all the benefits that regular gambling sites do, plus the ones we just mentioned. They are premium gambling platforms that incorporate the innovative Pay N Play system that brings ease of use to an entirely new level regarding playing games of chance over the internet.

If speed is what you need, you will choose a Trustly casino to begin your deep dive into the adventures that the interactive gaming space has in store for you. Remember, less is always better.


What is Trustly?

Trustly is a Swedish fintech company whose open banking payment system allows you to make online purchases through your bank account with an electronic identifier known as BankID.

What is a BankID?

A BankID is an electronic identification system created by Finansiell ID-Teknik BID AB in 2002. BankID is a personal digital ID comparable to your driver’s license or passport. It allows you to transact from your online bank account through Trustly at Pay N Play casinos.

What is Pay N Play?

Pay N Play is a system invented by Trustly which allows you to play casino-style games for real money with only a deposit. So, at Pay N Play casinos, you can make real money wagers without creating an account or providing KYC documentation. Pure Pay N Play casinos are real instant-play platforms.

Can Anyone Attain a BankID?

The rules regarding attaining a BankID differ from country to country. Usually, you will have to be of legal age or at least fifteen years old to apply for such an electronic identifier at your bank. You will also have to prove your identity in this process, similar to a KYC procedure at a Trustly casino. Keep your BankID private at all times, as it is a gateway into your online bank account.

Are Trustly Casinos Less Safe Than Regular Ones?

No, casinos that use Trustly are equally as safe as standard gambling platforms that feature registration procedures.

Can I Get Bonuses at Trustly Casinos?

Yes, you can. Pay N Play casinos offer similar promotions to other types of gambling platforms, with some exceptions. However, you can for sure expect a welcome offer at a Trustly casino, which will usually consist of a percentage match and some free spins.

How Do Trustly Casinos Handle KYC?

A Trustly casino communicates with your bank through the Pay n Play system when you attempt to make a deposit. Your bank sends your casino that uses Trustly all the necessary identity verifying information. If the provided data is to the satisfaction of your Trustly casino, it will approve your deposit and let you play instantly.

How Long Have Pay N Play Casinos Been Around?

The first Trustly casino went live in 2015 in Malta. Thus, the premier Pay N Play platform was an MGA-licensed one. Though these gambling sites now predominately target Scandinavian players, the Trustly Group has announced plans for a massive expansion, promising to make Trustly casinos in the UK available soon.

Can I Use Different Currencies at Pay N Play Casinos?

Of course, you can. Pay N Play casinos accept USD, GBP, EUR, INR, AED, NOK, JPY, BGN, TRY, ZAR, KWD, SEK, GEL, NZD, PLN, CZK, and other currencies.

Do Pay N Play Casinos Accept Bitcoin?

No. As discussed, Trustly facilitates money transactions through your online bank account. Given that most banks do not yet deal with digital money, you are unlikely to use Bitcoin or any altcoin at a Trustly casino. Naturally, this can all change if banks massively begin to adopt cryptocurrencies.